My name’s Kris. I write detailed reviews of escape rooms, scare attractions, immersive games and other cool things of that nature. I have loved and been fascinated by the theatre and complexity of these kinds of immersive experience for pretty much my entire life. Immersophenia is my modest and largely-inadequate attempt to record the arc of that obsession.

If you enjoy escape rooms, stick around. Here you’ll find detailed (but spoiler-free) reviews of games across the UK and beyond. One reason for starting this blog was a dissatisfaction with the kind of infuriatingly non-specific and hand-wavey reviews you find elsewhere. It is possible to talk in tangible detail about a game without giving away its secrets. For anyone who loves escaping, and wants a little more detail than “it was fun” to help them make up their mind about where to play next, this is for you.

I’ll also be looking beyond escape rooms. In Not Escape Rooms you’ll find reports on interactive theatre experiences, arcades, virtual reality games and other cool stuff that is likely to appeal with a penchant for puzzle-solving. Check back around Halloween for a look at various scare attractions and other haunted house fun.

If you’ve never played an escape room before and wouldn’t know an immersive experience if it bit you and gave you rabies, then check out the blog. Here you’ll find a decent explanation of just what escape rooms actually are, as well as a history lesson, some tips for new players, and a bunch of other commentary and ephemera.

If you have a suggestion, a complaint, a question, a threat, free cake, an idea for an attraction that I should review, or a behind-the-scenes insight into a particular immersive experience, feel free to get in touch. I’m currently based in Edinburgh, but travel to London fairly frequently and am happy to drop by and review experiences in either city, and beyond.